Gettin’ My Game On

The upside of following the ALA conference tweets is that I’ve picked up my puzzle books again. (Specifically, KenKen and NYT Crosswords.) I like the former way more than the latter since it has the logic components with Sudoku but without the giant stoic grid. I’ve got myself back to where I left off (6×6 grids) in the first Easy to Hard book but I have yet to pick up my Killer KenKen book. I don’t like to skip puzzles and there was a puzzle at the end of the 5×5 section that really stumped the hell out of me. I’ll tackle it later once I get through the current KenKen book.

Crosswords are an interesting prospect for me since I tend to be a literal person when it comes to clues. I knew I was doomed when I heard an interview with Will Shortz in which he talked about how playful, mysterious, and humorous crossword clues can be written. (I wish I could find that interview to link, but sadly I cannot.) I still like the easy ones, though.

It really has been making me yearn again to make more time for gaming. I’ve really cut back on my World of Warcraft playing time as my interest for other things (including blogging) picks up. I really don’t have the interest for a D&D game (unless it was short 3-4 hour sessions) but I want to get back into board and card games. I’ve heard there are multiplayer game applications on Facebook, but I have yet to try it out. (For anyone who wants to walk me through it, I’d be grateful.)

I wasn’t going to connect this to the library, but since I had to cancel a Teen Wii program today, I might as well make amends. Some of this recent resurgence in gaming has been from following Liz Danforth’s tweets (and subsequent post) regarding gaming at the library. Maybe I can live the dream and get paid to play all in the name of library science.


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