The very short history of #followalibrarian

This is a quick entry to set something straight. After some searching, I found the tweet that launched a thousand other tweets. The origin of the hashtag #followalibrarian came from “KJ” (@catagator). Here’s her tweet to me that contained this awesome hashtag. catagator

So, I want to give credit where credit is due because the number of librarians I was able to follow because of her awesome idea was huge. Already, this is yielding dividends in articles, blogs posts, and other great sources. I’m looking forward to next Friday’s #followalibrarian. I’ll have to make sure to get my list ready!

To provide the proper context of her tweet to me, I had been asking for recommendations for other people to follow.


My memory might stink, but at least my search skills don’t. =D

2 thoughts on “The very short history of #followalibrarian

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