Which Ice Cream Flavor Will Library Folks Savor?

Vote on which flavor reigns supreme!

Yes, there are only two choices in this poll. I decided to model it after our own democratic system.=D

If you haven’t joined the Facebook group “People for a Library Themed Ben & Jerry’s Flavor”, click here.

For those who wish to use the Ben & Jerry’s Suggest a Flavor form to their Library themed flavor in, click here.

Thank you for your vote!

5 thoughts on “Which Ice Cream Flavor Will Library Folks Savor?

  1. Wow, what an interesting lot of “possibly related posts” WordPress has generated for me.

    Time to host the blog myself, I guess. =P

  2. clearly i’m in the minority (at least of those who have taken your poll daddy poll) but i think li-berry pie (while sounding like an awesome ice cream flavor) is a better name for a library-related ice cream.

    Dewey is to libraries as 8-track is to music. I think this library-esque ice cream flavor is a GREAT opportunity to get people thinking about libraries other than BOOKS. at least Li-berry pie leaves the table open instead of funneling us down the book path. People know we have books. They get it. But what about all the other awesome things that libraries do those days? answer questions! tech stuff! gaming! community center! etc.

    on the other hand, it is just ice cream and i may be reading too much into this.


  3. I agree with Julie’s sentiments about Dewey but I think that Gooey Decimal makes a better ice cream flavor name – I also HATE when people say liberry I don’t think that flavor name will help with that! 😉

    I like the other idea about the Free and Open to All but it doesn’t make a good name for ice cream or really get across what I would hope to get across the most about libraries either…..

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  5. First: Gooey Decimal System sounds WAY yummier: dark chocolate & hazelnut ice cream?? Awesome!

    And second: A lot of us (small libraries) DO still use Dewey. It’s a library reference (as it were!) that nearly everyone understands.

    I realize this is just a fun exercise, but hey, it just could happen! (unless a certain large monolithic library organization blocks using this name)

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