Wednesday Night Open Question

Deserted Island by Mrs eNil

Deserted Island by Mrs eNil

I was browsing The Flavor Bible this evening when I found something that got me thinking. When they polled more than thirty of America’s leading chefs about the ten ingredients they would take to a desert island for the rest of their lives, the number one ingredient was salt. It is nature’s flavor enhancer and an important ingredient for influencing the taste of a dish.

So, I started wondering what ten items a librarian would bring to a deserted island. (Yes, a library on a deserted island. It’s very Gilligan-esque.) Furthermore, what would be the number one thing?

I think the ten item list would get various mileage depending on people’s specialties, but I’m going to hazard a guess for #1:

Index cards.

What do you think?

UPDATE: To rephrase, “if you were EXILED to a deserted island with a library, what item would you bring to help you manage the library for the rest of your life?” How’s that?

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Night Open Question

  1. I get salt. It would be the one thing that would be universal in helping improve the other ingredients found for eating on the island.

    I used to have issue with the “deserted island” question because regardless of how it was phrased “as a librarian…” ” as a writer…” the only thing i ever wanted to bring was something that helped me get OFF the island. Now i see the wonderful zen that is a deserted island (providing my life wasn’t in danger) and i’m more in the salt vein of bringing things with me- something that would enhance the experience of being on a deserted island.

    To that end, i must disagree with you on those index cards as i can not see how they would enhance the experience. I hope people will tell me i’m wrong though, and try to convince me otherwise.

    It’s not very library-esque but i’d bring my hammock. it’s one of those awesome every-one-should-have-one portable hammocks that you can carry with you backpack style.

    If i was restricted to a library themed item, i’d either take a solar powered iphone/netbook type device with satellite internet connection or a direct connection to a VR service. Something akin to the old OCLC terminal. I believe i may need to look up stuff i find on the island to make sure it wont kill me if i eat it, get near it, etc. I’d say not dying would sure enhance the experience of being on a deserted island.


    • Well, perhaps I should have phrased it as “exiled to a deserted island with a library”. I asked Kathy about it last night and her reply was basically “I wouldn’t go”.

      Lemme rephrase the question in the post.

  2. 1. solar-powered laptop with satellite connection (noticing at heme here)
    2. moonshine still
    3. Swiss army knife
    4. matches
    5. hammock

    Ok. I can’t think of 10 items, lol.

  3. Update: i’d still bring my solar powered thingamajig. seeing as i manage a vr service, i could still do that on the island. πŸ™‚

    but frankly, i’d use the island time to my benefit and do nothing but swing under some palms in my hammock.

    oh, and figure out a way to make bathtub rum. πŸ™‚

  4. 1. Extra pair of glasses. Or two.
    2. Neosporin
    3. Vegetable seeds- corn, wheat, and tomatoes
    4. Leatherman multi purpose tool. A big un’.
    5. Sewing kit.
    6. Yeast.
    7. Pens and pencils and paint and paintbrushes
    8. Matches, flares, candles
    9. Record player + records + crank electric battery
    10. Lifetime supply of vicoden.

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