Hide & Seek

One of my coworkers and I have been working on a fun project for our library over the last couple of weeks. We are creating a geocache to house within the library. (Short explanation: geocaching is a sport in which participants use handheld GPS to locate hidden bins or boxes in any setting. The cache has (at the very least) a ledger to sign; it might have items to exchange, things to do to get credit for finding it, or have clues to other geocaches. For more explanation, here’s the website.) I got the idea for this from one of the “books” my grandmother had on her bookshelf. It’s one of those hollowed out books that you can put small items and valuables into. While I won’t reveal the phony title and name (so that people who might stumble upon this can enjoy the search), here are some pictures to give you a better idea of what it looks like.



The books as it looks while closed. Note the tape on  the lower left spine. We put a shelf tag on it to make it look like everything else!





And here’s the inside, complete with ledger and pen. We have more things to add to the inside, but the basics are there for the moment.




Over the next couple of days, we’ll get the finishing touches on it and shelve it. I’m curious to see who comes to visit it! It’s a unique fun feature for the library, that’s for certain. =D

2 thoughts on “Hide & Seek

  1. This is a brilliant idea, and definitely something I’d be suggesting to my boss if we weren’t an academic library 🙂 Weirdly enough, the item next to this in my Google Reader was this one: http://tinyurl.com/mgyqkq I think you got there first!

    I’ve always wanted one of those hollowed-out books, although I’d probably keep it for emergency chocolate supplies for the first week of term…

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