Ben & Jerry & 2012

I had tweeted it earlier this week, but I got word back from the nice corporate folks at Ben & Jerry’s that the flavor list for 2010 is set and there is no library flavor being developed on their 2011 list. I had sent in an email asking for an update or some word as to what (if anything) was going on and this was the reply. For a moment, I stared at the email and let the words sink in. Yes, I was disappointed, but I was also relieved to have some semblance of closure. When I started “the campaign”, I had no idea where it would go if anywhere.

It was a nice and fun idea with some serious underlying advocacy for libraries. I may be wrong, but I think that’s what attracted people to it in the first place. It has certainly been awesome to watch it ping around the globe and see people’s reactions to it. Hell, I’ve been introduced at meetings as “the Ben & Jerry’s librarian”, something I think that will follow me a good long while. So, I’ll enjoy the very small limelight and be able to start working on other projects that interest me. I have a couple kicking around, so you have not heard the last from me.

The good news that I took out of this is that the 2012 list is still up for grabs. (That is, if the Mayan/Aztec/Initech/Whatever-tec calendar is wrong.) In a couple of years from now, I bet you’ll see a Gooey Decimal System or Libberry Pie or Rocky Read. We (the royal we, the group) just have to keep plugging away. Just like our collections, we know we have a good product here, it just takes time to reach everyone. So, keep on keeping on.


(Leah, if you’re reading this, I swear I have it down on my To Do list, I will do a whole write-up for the Young Librarian Series as you have requested. I just have to get my head out of the clouds.) 

3 thoughts on “Ben & Jerry & 2012

  1. Perhaps they’ll even do an Emily Dickinson flavor someday–I Shall Not Live in Vainilla.

    And if they wanted to do a political library flavor, they could always do Libberry of Yumgress.

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