Library 101

Michael Porter and David Lee King unveiled their highly anticipated Library 101 video at the Internet Librarian conference this past week.

Like many of my peers, I submitted something for inclusion in the video. I was thrilled to see that they used it* and really wished that I had seen the unveiling at the conference. What really makes me smile about this video is that Michael and David are having fun, a word not commonly attributed to libraries, librarians, or the field in general. (Something, I believe, that we should work on changing in the future.) Not to be missed are the essays on Library 101 as well as the 101 RTK (101 Resources & Things to Know), which I will be enjoying over the next couple of days.

Kudos to David and Michael for a job well done!


* The video of the ocean washing away “101” at the 0:36-0:39 mark, which they ran in reverse. My three seconds (0.7%) of contribution! =D

One thought on “Library 101

  1. I think that fun is often associated with libraries. Especially public libraries where people are coming in for story times, book clubs, and other fun programming. Maybe not as much with academic libraries but that is changing too.

    I know I associate libraries with fun, but I suppose I’m a librarian and don’t really count. But I try to let that show through everyday when I work at the library. This is fun work that we are doing. The fun that we have as library staff can be infectious for patrons and make the library a much more welcome place to be.

    Actually our unofficial motto for the staff is “all fun, all the time.” We even put that on our Facebook page.

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