Late Wednesday Night Poetry

Photo by ehpien/Flickr

If curiosity be a tree

then let the sun be wisdom

towards which the branches stretch


and let knowledge rain down

soaked up by nestled roots

in an understanding earth


Every now and again, I get the yin to jot down a bit of poetry. I don’t really edit much (it’s ok, the critique thoughts you are having will probably be the ones I have later), but since I’ve started blogging, I figured I might as well share this particular one. It was inspired on the drive home after some late night talking with Julie Strange and a rather uninspiring strawberry mojito.

With my brother’s wedding coming up this weekend, I will be attending to the best man duties. This past night was the last ‘free’ night I will have till Sunday or Monday or something. I have some library posts kicking around in my head, so I’m hoping for a chance to jot them down in the meantime.

Till then, keep growing. =D

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