November Wedding Bells

Right now, I’m propped up in the hotel room bed, listening to old UFC fights on the television and reflecting on the day that was. It was my brother’s wedding day and I was proud to stand at his side as his best man. The wedding itself went off without a true hitch; the limo was a little late, there was some humorous unplanned moments at the church, and a very long photo shoot at the reception place. But, when it was all said and done, my brother and new sister-in-law got everything they wanted out of the day, so I am very content.

The part of the event that had me anxious for the last two months was the best man’s speech. I had been going over this part in my head over and over, trying out lines and phrases in my car as I drove to and from work most days. It was a very emotional process; on more than one occasion, I choked up and couldn’t finish the sentence. I decided to write out what I wanted to say ahead of time. While I like to ad lib, this was one time I decided to stick with the script.

I’ll upload pictures later, but here’s a copy of my speech.

The months of October, November, and December have not been kind to our family. Over the course of years, we have lost many good friends and family members during this autumn season. But today, I believe, this wedding will mark the beginning of a new era of joy for this late year season. On behalf of the Krafts and the Woodworths, it is my honor and privilege to welcome Meghan to our family. I am very pleased that my brother has found someone to share the experience of the journey ahead.

On your wedding day, I wish to offer you this advice, the collected life lessons of our grandparents, Randy, Beverly, Mary, and Richard.

Follow your dreams and passions, wholly and completely, for they are the true essence of life and happiness.

That judgment and acceptance are mutually exclusive. While the former need not be favorable, the latter should always be given.

That love is boundless and unconditional; it is the product of a multitude of small personal acts.

That separation is merely a temporary illusion; that there are no ‘goodbyes’, only ‘bye for now’.

To the happy couple, I offer you simple and unfettered best wishes.

Today was a great day.

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