twitter[1]For awhile now, I’ve been firing off poll questions on Twitter. It’s been pretty random at the start (in terms of questions), but it seems to have caught on. Twitter’s search engine won’t let me see the old results, but I have been able to find the questions so far since people have been nice enough to use the new retweet function. Here’s the list:

It is with this last question that I was able to devise a simple hashtag that I could track. What surprised me even more in searching for results is how many additional answers were out there. Before, I had guessed at the number of replies by doing a mention search for any “@wawoodworth” replies. Now, I have found additional results from people who left out my name but included the hashtag in their answer and/or retweet of the question. (This has also lead me to find additional librarians to follow, another added bonus.)

I hope to keep the questions and challenges going, so if you’re on Twitter, follow me and keep an eye out for #andypoll. See you there!

Edit: I have made a TwapperKeeper for #andypoll!

6 thoughts on “#andypoll

  1. Andy,
    I’ve seen a few of your questions on Twitter. You always have the best ideas! Keep them coming! In regards to the 1st, at one of MPOW, I work in extension services. As part of the job, we do go to people’s homes to provide service. These people are homebound permanently or temporarily. We bring them library materials that we think they would enjoy or specific that they have. It’s very rewarding, because most of the time, they’re very happy to see us.

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