Shine Like a Star, Star (Update)

Picture by jpstanley/Flickr [cc]

The story so far:

At the end of last week, Roy Tennant posted on his Library Journal blog an entry about “How to Become (and Stay) Famous”. He’s got some great advice for those getting notice (or looking to get notice) within the field and what it entails. He makes reference to an older post “How to Be ‘Famous’” by Karen Schneider that works as a good companion piece. The focus of her piece revolves around what this type of ‘fame’ means for the individual. In reading both articles together, it gives a good balance to the library ‘fame game’ in offering equal parts of how to get there, how to stay there, and what to expect when you’re there.

The one item I’d like to highlight from these entries comes from Roy’s post.

Make connections. No one becomes famous alone. Well, almost no one. Becoming famous can be a long, winding road that includes fellow travelers. Lend them a hand when you can and they will do the same. Some of these connections will grow into trusted life-long friends.

For the long strange trip that the Ben & Jerry’s group has been, the sheer volume of people that I have met along the way has been staggering. It has allowed me to indulge in my overriding curiosities about other people in the profession. I love taking whatever recognition that has been afforded me and being able to quiz my peers as to what they do, how they feel about librarianship, and what they are working on or towards. Though I might be biased, I find what motivates, what drives, and where the spark of passion for the professions exists to be rather fascinating. For all that people endure from their patrons, the governing bodies, their coworkers, and various ups and downs, I love the twinkle that people get in their eyes when they are talking about their Element (to borrow the phrase from Sir Ken Robinson).

So, fair and learned readers, what is your passion in the librarian field? What gets the twinkle in your eye?

4 thoughts on “Shine Like a Star, Star (Update)

  1. I don’t want to be “famous,” I just like talking to people and working together to make ideas happen. Funny that the two should be so closely connected.

    • I agree. I’d like to share my ideas, but I need a platform. As platforms are traditionally elevated, the higher visibility allows me to share ideas on a broader playing field but makes me open to additional scrutiny. They are connected in that way.

  2. The echo chamber thing is the twinkle in my eyes. It really feels like since we started to discuss it, things have started to shift slightly, and change for the better… Could be coincidence of course! But still pretty cool.

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