Sunday Speculation: Librarian Workout

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I have never been a huge fan of working out. I like being active in sports and outdoor activity, but the thought of going to a gym to use machines was distasteful for a long time. However, when you are out of breath from climbing only a few set of stairs at work, then the time has come to start paying attention to your body’s conditioning.

I never denied to myself the fact that I am overweight, but I hadn’t done anything about it until recently. In visiting the gym tonight, I was thinking about what to write for today’s Sunday Speculation when the epiphany hit me.

What is the workout that you as a librarian put yourself through? In other words, what are the personal professional development and continuing education activities that you use to keep in the swing of things?

For myself, it’s a little bit of professional publications (Library Journal and Booklist at work) and a healthy dose of library and librarian blogs in my Google Reader. I can’t say how many blogs I subscribe to, but I easily go through a couple hundred library related items a day. I find the inspiration for many posts there as well as ideas to steal take back to work with me. I also find that it is useful for keeping up with the current library issue debates.

At my library, the thing I work on the most which sounds simple but isn’t always is this: I try to greet every patron with a smile and an upbeat greeting. It’s not easy because there are days when you don’t feel it on the inside; on those days, it becomes a bit of theater. However, I will admit that in doing it once, it makes subsequent greetings easier and it does improve my overall mood.

So, the question again I have for you is this: how do you work out your librarian muscles and “keep fit”?

2 thoughts on “Sunday Speculation: Librarian Workout

  1. Andy, as a point of departure, I’m going to focus on the first part of your essay. As an old codger retiree, my most creative thoughts come on the golf course. The weather here in NoCal is invariably beautiful, the surroundings are picturesque, I’m relaxed, happy, and as a result my mind is multitasking in a most unconventional way. So…my point here is if you want to invigorate yourself professionally outside your day job, engage in vigorous exercise that challenges your body and thereby frees up your mind to all kinds of weird and wonderful ideas that often are very library related.

    • I’ve joked that my future jobs will have a full bathroom attached to it because that’s where I end up having all sorts of thoughts and ideas. But yes, I know exactly of the physical activity that you are talking about. It’s something that engages the mind and body and let’s the brain just flow where it wants to go. If I had a choice, it would have to be soccer. I miss playing that game a lot, but I’d need to *really* get in shape for it.

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