A Different Social Path

Via Mashable:

Path calls itself “The Personal Network” because it’s determined to go against the example set by Twitter’s follower model; you are limited to just 50 friends on Path. It chose the 50 number based on the theories of Oxford professor of evolutionary psychology Robin Dunbar, who claims that 150 is the maximum number of social relationships any human can handle.

This site is certainly a “quality over quantity” type of social media platform deal, placing an emphasis on smaller groups of individuals sharing their personal details. It’s the “dinner with friends” motif as opposed to the “giant buffet” that Twitter and Facebook can be. It’s currently in very limited release as an iPhone app, but you can check it out on the web. It also appears to be photo based in its content, but I think that the interface is appealing in its simplicity: place, names, and activity plus a photograph.

In addition, I see it as a good platform to recommend to patrons who don’t want to do the rigmarole of Facebook yet be able to share pictures and activities with each other. Specifically, I can see it as a way to connect non-smart phone using family members with those who have it. I’d be curious to see how it rolls out to other mobile platforms or even as a web portal. It will be interesting to see how Path shapes up because I think there is a place for something between Facebook and Twitter in terms of sharing information with a designated group of people. It will be interesting to see how this platform develops.

3 thoughts on “A Different Social Path

  1. I don’t know. Twitter and Facebook can be used on a small scale. We can restrict users from following us on Twitter . With Facebook, we choose who we want as friends. = /

    • Oh, absolutely. I did not mean to imply that you couldn’t be limiting on those platforms. But I think Path has a simplicity to it that fits between Twitter and Facebook. I see some promise to it in that niche which might be its best selling point.

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