Edublog Awards 2010 Nominee!

Carolyn Foote of the blog Not So Distant Future has nominated me for Best Individual Tweeter for the 2010 Edublog awards. This is my second year that I’ve been nominated for an Edublog award (last year was for best librarian/library blog; Joyce Valenza’s always impressive blog Never Ending Search took top honors). In her nomination post for the awards, Mrs. Foote wrote:

Best individual tweeter

@Wawoodworth and his campaign to get the Old Spice guy to make  video about libraries(he succeeded) and his #andypoll

closely followed by all BBQ related tweets.

At this moment, I’d like to thank her for both her kind words and the nomination for the award. While getting the Old Spice video was a great surprise, I’m glad she’s enjoyed the #andypolls that I have been putting out there are a semi-regular basics. The answers, where there is a five or fifty, are always insightful to me.

For those interested in voting, you can vote for me or one of the other 41 award nominees over at the Edublog website. Voting for this award ends on Tuesday December 14th at 12pm EST.

Thanks again, Carolyn, and good luck to my fellow nominees!

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