Selling Myself. Literally. Ctd.

Over the course of a week since I started a Facebook ad for my Facebook Page, I’ve been watching the ad campaign unfold and seeing how it has been doing. These are my results from when the ad started to when I tweaked it on December 8th.


For such large numbers, it’s so easy to dismiss its actual impact. I think Facebook ads are a lot like Google ads now; they are things that you gloss over while you are on your way to other parts of the screen. My original targeting for the ad was for people who like or have an interest in “libraries” or “librarians”. In mulling it over, that’s not the audience I’m trying to reach which is why I’m not getting the clicks I’m looking for. I wanted to get fellow librarians and I thought about how to narrow it down.

In talking with another librarian about Facebook ads, an inspiration struck me: I’m looking for people who ‘like’ the American Library Association. Chances are pretty good that they are going to be librarians themselves or have an interest in the library world. In reworking the ad, the potential number audience rocketed downwards to roughly 13,000. Excellent. I downwardly adjusted my maximum bid from the suggested one since it was a much smaller audience and based on what the average CPM (cost per impression) runs. So, the ad campaign is much more focused and cheaper than before. But how will it do for yielding results?

The early data is that I’ve gotten the same number of clicks in one day that I got in the first two. I can see that there are a greater number of clicks happening because a friend is shown as having ‘liked’ me. Most excellent! Now I just need to let this new ad stretch its legs over the weekend and see how it does. I have a feeling that the refocus of interests is where it is at; but I do wonder if there are other interests that I should be looking to include in order to reach other library professional who may not ‘like’ the ALA. I’ll have to look for other likes or interests that might be viable ad terms.

It’s certainly something to think about over the next couple of days, but this ad campaign has been a good and fun experiment. And cheap to boot, as indicated above in the graphic; $10 is a bargain for this hands-on lesson, in my estimation. So, we’ll see where it stands next week!

3 thoughts on “Selling Myself. Literally. Ctd.

  1. Do you have a goal, Andy? I mean I guess the goal is learning about facebook ads and what does and doesn’t work, but do you have a specific number of people you’re hoping to catch with this?

    • I don’t have a specific number of people I’d like to reach. Obviously, since I am paying for it, I would like to maximize my investment in advertising. At the moment, it is for the experience of trying something out and seeing how it runs. I didn’t do much research into placing FB ads, partially because I am one of those people who casually tosses the manual aside when opening up a box. The other half is that I wanted to explore without any preconceptions as to what/how it might go.

      In looking at the data today, I can say that the switch in targeting interests has created more clicks on the ads, but about the same amount of people ‘liking’ me. However, this is very preliminary data since it’s only been going for a couple of days. So, early indications about effectiveness are there, but people taking action after that is still up in the air.

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