On Twitter today, I posted an #andypoll that asked: “Invent a new library word, provide a definition, & use it in a sentence. GO! RT plz!” I didn’t get many replies, but I loved the ones I got so much that I wanted to post them. So, here they are:

  • libraderie: Friendship and goodwill between librarians. “Little makes me happier than the libraderie I have with my colleagues.” (by @gingeringeorgia)
  • Lamenter: A person who constantly complains. “He got fired because he’s a lamenter.” (by @uberlibrarygirl)
  • Transvesselify – to provide timely information in the format (or vessel) most appropriate to the user. "This resource is going to be extremely popular – we need to transvesselify to cater for old and new markets." or "Traditionally that book has always been popular in print, but we need to transvesselify." (by @theREALwikiman)
  • Inforationale: helping students learn the rationale of good information seeking skills. (by @dianekauppi)
  • Virtuarefassist: where students get virtual ref to do their homework. "I used virutarefassist to find the answers." (by @andi33079)
  • e-new: to renew electronic resources from outside the library. “I’m e-newing ‘The Lost City of Z’, excellent!” (by @LibraryCynthia)
  • Smold. The smell of a closed study room during finals. “Even after two days, the smold in room 214 was tangible. Next year we hand out Febreze.” (by @bmljenny)

If anyone wants to add their own word, use the comments to add your own perfectly cromulent word. It embiggens our professional vocabulary!

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