The Empire Strikes Books

Andy Priestner, Cambridge University’s business school head librarian, takes a look at how a futuristic society from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away handles information. It’s a juxtaposition of electronic data that is shelved like the physical objects, as if to give people a familiar and comfortable display despite being advanced well beyond such needs. (Additional note: I don’t think in any of the six movies do you see someone picking up anything to read it, but I could be wrong.) I really dig what visions of future societies entail when it comes to how information is accessed, handled, and stored. The Star Wars movies are no exception.

The video above is one I saw awhile back. I just thought it was a great little exercise in how and how not to do a reference interview using the movie. Check it out, it’s short and a fun one.

(h/t: Library Society of the World & Blastr)

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