Big Tent Librarianship Goes to the ACRL

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On Tuesday February 15th at 4pm EST, I will be presenting online to the ACRL membership. “Advocacy at the Academic Library! – An ACRL Web-Based Conversation Series” is series that has been put together by Valerie Glenn and Eric Frierson at ACRL and I’m flattered that they would ask me to be a part of it. My talk will be partly based on my “Vertical Advocacy” post, the Big Tent Librarianship article over at Library Journal, and a decent dose of the TED Commandments.

That last bit is important in a couple of different ways. I’ve never been one to really obey traditional conventions when it comes to presentations. I’m despise Powerpoint (though I will use it since this is a webinar). I talk till I say what I want to say and then shut up. With that in mind, I’m not someone who necessarily pays attention to the clock. While some may think that this means I will drone on for hours on end, the opposite is the usual result. In light of the topic, I really don’t mind being short because what I really want out of this presentation is a hearty chat discussion on the topic of advocacy. When am I going to get another chance to talk to a group of academic librarians all in one place?* Not anytime soon, I think!

This will be a fun time, for certain.

The talk is free to ACRL members. So, I hope to see all you academic peeps over there!


*Ok, the ACRL convention in Philadelphia at the end of March is right across the river from me. I should start looking at what social events are going on over there at night. Yes.

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