#hcod at Library Journal

In case you blinked and missed it on the front page of Library Journal, Barbara Fister wrote a great overview of the HarperCollins issues and actions. It’s a must read. I say ‘blink and miss it’ because it’s not on the front page anymore nor is it on the ‘latest stories’ link. It doesn’t appear when you use the Library Journal custom Google search on the site.I had to go to the actual Google website and do a site search to find the second time around.

I’m not implying there is some sort of conspiracy is at play here, but in my opinion the current bevy of stories on the front page at writing don’t hold the same long term interest or implications as the #hcod issues. The column should be restored to the front page or latest stories page where people can find it.

2 thoughts on “#hcod at Library Journal

    • Thanks Josh. I didn’t really think there was but I was trying to point it out without saying there was something shady going on…. which implies something shady anyway.


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