MARC Madness: Who Will Make the Final Four?

Round 3 (152 votes total)

Acronym Division

MARC 93, LoC 59
MLIS 83, ILL 69

Lexicon Division

festschrift 77, digitize 75
authentication 114, nesting 38

Lingo Division

authority control 114, link resolver 38
metadata 91, cutter 61

Buzzword Division

user experience 92, transliteracy 60
information literacy 98, digital native 54

Sixty four terms entered the Tournament of Library Terminology.

We are now headed to the Final Four! This next round of voter will choose the division winners! Which terms will reign supreme?


festschrift vs. authentication

authority control vs. metadata

user experience vs. information literacy

Here is the updated bracket!


Voting ends Tuesday!

(As the number of voters have been dropping, I’m wondering if there is a way to spice this up a bit. Maybe I need to give away some more t-shirts or something!)

2 thoughts on “MARC Madness: Who Will Make the Final Four?

  1. Maybe an explanation of what you’re doing for those of us watching in bemusement from “across the pond”? It looks like fun but I can’t play!

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