Weekly Digest: April 16-April 22

I’ve been toying with the idea of posting a weekly digest of the blog. Just the title, a short blurb, and a link. So, without further ado…

SunSpec: Inspiration (In thinking about a Sunday post, I find inspiration from a lack of inspiration.)

Libraries & The Cloud (My thoughts on cloud content and ownership as it relates to the PC Magazine article that thinks about the implications of subscription services and the cloud.)

Salem Press Blog Awards 2011 (I will be a judge for this contest. I also point out the TED audition contest.)

Murder by the Numbers (Looking closer at the numbers presented by the Archives.com inforgraphic and the disconnect between our research and our program content.)

Roadtrip! (I took a roadtrip to the Darien Public Library. Here’s the deal: you invite me to your library, I’ll bake you cookies.)

For All the Content in the World (My comments on the NPR’s Monkey See blog post that talks about how we can’t possibly read/listen/see all the content being created.)

Houston, We Have a Problem (Amazon and Overdrive are bringing the Kindle to library lending, but are we ready for it?

KIA for QandA NJ (Unraveling the cause of death to New Jersey’s virtual reference service)

Open Thread: As Advertised (A true open thread without any suggested topic)

Update: And this might be over before it even started. Apparently, if you are on the email subscription, it generates a ton of messages. I don’t have a clue as to how to fix it so I’ll just drop it till I can riddle it out. Sorry folks who got spammed!

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