Library Renewal Guest Post

Michael Porter asked me if I would be interested in making a guest post for the Library Renewal blog awhile back. I had an idea for a post that would take a very objective look at digital collections with an eye towards the future. You can read it here on their blog.

I hope it acts as a conversation starter (or re-starter, for that matter) for examining the breadth and depth of digital collections and what they will actually entail to create, collect, and maintain. Because as much as people want to own digital content, I don’t think everyone has a grasp of the implications of what that statement means. Also, I think there might be good cases for renting or licensing digital content which people should consider.

(In other news, I’m working on a post that talks about the HarperCollins petition which just passed 60,000 signatures. Thanks to everyone who has sent me messages about that!)

2 thoughts on “Library Renewal Guest Post

  1. “breadth” and “width” mean the same thing. I think you were going for “breadth and depth”.

    • Yes, you are right. Thanks for pointing that out. I usually give a quick edit and just missed it. Much appreciated!

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