Open Thread Thursday: Summertime

(Wanna feel old? This song came out 20 years ago. Yeah.)

With the arrival of Memorial Day weekend, the summer officially begins. (Nevermind what the calendar says in regards to that statement.) June also means that the ALA Annual Conference is near, returning librarians to The Big Easy once more. While I will not be attending this year (and pretty sad about it too), I did want to redo something that I did last year: the ALA new conference attendee Twitter list. This was last year’s new attendee list to give you an idea of what it looked like last year and who was on it.

The list is currently empty, so I need the names of Twitter librarians who are going to their first ALA this year. I’ll be advertising it on Twitter (of course) and looking to get more names to the list. It’s a neat list especially once you get to the conference and can check out what other new people are doing. Or the more experienced attendees can check out what the new folks think and maybe invite them out to an event or two. (And ALA does keep an eye on it; well, the all seeing eye of Jenny Levine, that is.)

Otherwise, this is an open thread. Talk about conference stuff or whatever.

7 thoughts on “Open Thread Thursday: Summertime

  1. It’s time for some shameless self-promotion. I have been asked to be part of a panel discussion on management this year at ALA (squee!). I would LOVE if fellow bloggers and blog readers stopped by to say hi.

    The details:
    Who: sponsored by the Emerging Trends Discussion Group
    When: Saturday, June 25 8-10 am
    Where: Convention Center room 245
    What: roundtable discussion on finding and retaining managers and how can we, as managers, find new ways to better serve our users.

    If you can, please stop by!

  2. I’m thinking of attending ALA virtually. Does anyone have any experience doing this? How was the quality of the conferences/sessions? Where there connectivity issues? A question for virtual attendees who have committee appointments- did you feel included or left out of important decisions at sections/roundtable meetings?

  3. This will be my first time attending ALA Annual, although I’ve been to two ALA Midwinter meetings. Does that count as a first time? I still feel like I don’t really know anyone…

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