Circulating Ideas Podcast

After listening to the first (and currently only) program, I wanted to share it with the group. The podcast is called Circulating Ideas and it is hosted by a librarian Steve Thomas. Here’s the pull quote from the blog:

This show is my meager attempt to get the word out on what we’re doing as a profession to remain relevant and to push the boundaries of learning and collating information, getting our ideas out there in the world, circulating them like we circulate our collections.  I hope it will also be enlightening to my fellow librarians to learn more about what other librarians are doing to push the profession forward.  I’ll be interviewing librarians and other people relevant to the profession and getting their points of view out to you, the listeners, and I hope that they spark discussions, whether you agree with the interview subject’s views or not.

The first podcast is an interview of school librarian Buffy Hamilton. You can check it out here. It’s about an hour long, but well worth the listen.

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