Open Thread Thursday: We Happy Few

I’ve been overdue for a blog banner change for about a month or so. As much as I love the badass librarian bit with the flamethrower background, I got a little inspired by the ALA Annual conference that is starting tomorrow. I won’t be down in the Big Easy to enjoy it and see all the people I know, but this month has been a monster. To put a fine point on it, I just didn’t have the bandwidth.

At any rate, I recalled this quote when I was looking for inspiration for a banner replacement. For myself, it is quite apropos as I think about the conference. As tremendously overwhelming and complicated as the ALA organization is, creating initiatives and change is possible when groups of like minded people find each other. I see it in the various groups I interact with: the ALA Think Tank, Library Society of the World, Hack Library School, and a coterie of my fellow New Jersey librarians.

Don’t misunderstand this as a “hey, we’re all in this together!” sort of post; this is more of a “find your tribe” call. If you don’t see anyone working on the things you want to garner attention, start doing it. Eventually, you will find the others or they will find you. This doesn’t have to be at the ALA level or state level; it can be what you want it to be. Having started my own movements towards the change I want to see, it is just a matter of doing. That initial step is the hardest one.

Who are your tribes? Who are the like minded people you seek? Have you found them?

That’s the opening question for this open thread, but as the conference is upon us, please feel free to share your expectations. Or just speak what’s on your mind. 

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