ALA Battledecks 2011

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there to see the competition firsthand, but reading the tweets from ALA Battledecks 2011 had me vastly amused. As promised, I have uploaded and shared this year’s slide decks on Google Docs, including the special SUDDEN DEATH deck in case there was a tie.


I’m still having a funny little internal debate as to whether making these slide decks actually improves or decreases my chances of being hired as a presenter, speaker, and/or consultant for libraries. I guess compared to the other things I’m known for within the profession (the Old Spice video, Ben & Jerry’s) it can’t hurt, right?

9 thoughts on “ALA Battledecks 2011

  1. The slides were awesome, and I thought that creating them would probably be the most fun thing to do in the whole Battledecks things. If you ever need anyone to step in and lend a hand, let me know! I’d love to pull one of these together. Hilarious.

    • It’s hours of (random image searches) followed by an hour or two of deck construction. The less you think about which image goes where, the better it is (and the faster it goes!)

      Finding the images is the labor intensive part.

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