Library Day in the Life Round 7


This week is another turn at Library Day in the Life, the semi-annual event in which librarians and library workers share their workday in the form of pictures, video, and blog entries. It’s a project that my good friend Bobbi Newman has been running since 2008 (you can see the other instances of it on the front page of the wiki). I have some ideas to tweet during the week under the #libday7 hashtag, so keep an eye for them.

Here are my previous contributions to Library Day in the Life project:

My personal favorite is from Round 4, which I was honored to have another good friend Pete Bromberg mention at the RUSA President’s Program at ALA 2011. When I think back on that, it still makes me smile.

In any event, take a moment to check out the project, see what other people are doing, and maybe even add your own. I look forward to reading about how my peers get along during the week at their library.

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