Librarians Online Poll Results

Back at the end of August, I put together a poll asking librarians about their online activities. I stopped collecting data at the end of September and then completely forgot about it. So, in the category of “better late than never”, I’m going to share to the basic results here and make the resulting data available to anyone who wants it. (And here they are in different formats for download: Excel, Open Office, PDF, and the Original Google Document Spreadsheet.)

Here’s some basic visualizations from Google Documents.

Here are the results of 1,383 replies.






If you do happen to use the data, please let me know so I can see what your analysis yields.

2 thoughts on “Librarians Online Poll Results

    • Keep in mind that people were given multiple choices for this one. Also, it is an online librarian survey so there might be some bias for people to be more likely to use online tools and websites.

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