My Interview with “I Need a Library Job”

My interview with the website I Need a Library Job went up today. It’s a neat little website for library jobseekers. I was glad to participate in the “In Six” interview series where they ask librarians six questions. (Pretty simple, right?)

Earlier that day, I did a Skype interview with Steve Thomas for the February episode of the wonderful Circulating Ideas podcast. I’ve been told that it will be coming out on Valentine’s Day (queue comparisons to the St Valentine’s Day Massacre). I’m pretty sure we had enough material to do a double episode and we hit a very wide range of subjects. I’m looking forward to hearing the final product. (Well, that’s a lie. I dislike listening to myself so I look forward to hearing from people who listen to it to tell me how I sounded.)

Be sure to check out some of the other interviews on I Need a Library Job as well as some of the other people who have been interviewed on Circulating Ideas.

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