National Badass Library Card Sign-Up Month, Reloaded

Two years ago, I got sidetracked on a blog post and made up something I called “National Badass Library Card Signup Month”. I created a bunch of images instead of writing a blog post that I had in my head since the inspiration for the images came easy and the words for the post were proving to be difficult. Some of the images reflect the memes of the day (Chuck Testa) while some have aged much better (animated library card Nyan Cat). I wanted to do something last year, but I ran out of mental energy. But, as you can probably guess where this post is going, I’m getting back on the saddle.

30 memes, 30 days.

That’s what I’m calling it. I made an image for each day of the month all related in some way to National Library Card Sign-up Month. Each day at noon (US Eastern Standard Time) starting on September 1st, an image will be posted to my Tumblr. They cover a vast array of meme themes from the classics to the contemporary with all manner of pop culture thrown between. It’s been fun bringing my love of libraries together with my love of memes.

Special thanks to my brother Pete for helping me refine jokes and pick memes. When the Woodworth brothers get together on something, it’s always a great time. Pete is a writer as well so be sure to check out his published works.

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6 thoughts on “National Badass Library Card Sign-Up Month, Reloaded

  1. Great ideas, Andy! (And I’m glad you’re feeling perky & creative!) I’ve passed them on to our PR-types. I also looked at your brother’s web site & think I might like his work – I’ll download a couple. Have a great Labor Day weekend!

    • I don’t have them in Spanish. The good thing here is that these meme images are readily available as well as websites that allow you to add text to them. (Imgur is one off the top of my head.) When I made these, I used Inkscape (to assemble) and GIMP (to resize and touch up). But they can easily be remade.

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