Which Ice Cream Flavor Will Library Folks Savor?

Vote on which flavor reigns supreme!

Yes, there are only two choices in this poll. I decided to model it after our own democratic system.=D

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Your Brain on Google

Via Library Stuff:

It’s a short clip, but the observations of the brain activity make sense. The interactive nature of the internet drives brain activity since you are not simply a passive observer but an active participant. And participation is directly related to proficiency as well. To me, the net naive brains are still perceiving the internet as a book rather than a mutable information resource. Google becomes the table of contents rather than the potential set of paths and the net naive understanding never goes further than what is front of them. I would reckon that the net savvy and the net naive probably approach problems in a scientifically measurable way.

But beaming thoughts to each other? I’d rather not, thanks. Although, I’m sure that is technology that will be driven by the adult entertainment industry.