Idea Vault: Live Streaming

I was fiddling around with the video recording functions of my digital camera the other day when I thought, “Why not use it with the blog?” I didn’t have anything to say at the time (or anything I felt like putting into a video) so I set it aside. On the drive to work today, I realized that video would be a good way to record some of the random ideas that I’ve just tweeted in the past. While some of those ideas are toss away, some ideas (like this one) stick to me. And being the good little organized librarian that I am, I thought that I could tag it so I could find it in the future. The name “Idea Vault” came to mind so that’s what these types of entries will be called. Plus, as Steven Bell taught me, there is a certain power to video.

So, here goes something.

Oh, and if there are libraries doing this now, I want to know!