MARC Madness: We have a Champion

With a rout of a vote tally of 148-65, I’m proud to declare a clear winner to the 1st (and possibly last) MARC Madness Tournament of Library Terminology. And now, without further ado, our champion is metadata.

The final bracket:


Congratulations, metadata. You are the ultimate library term!

I’d like to thank everyone who voted, tweeted the contest, endured my multiple social media sharing, and otherwise contributed. A thank you to the Library Society of the World for the catalyst to get this together and doing it. It’s been a long haul and I hope people had fun.

I think the right ending is the 1985 Live Aid version of Queen’s We Are The Champions. Thanks again and maybe do this again next year.

MARC Madness: The Finale

For the championship of MARC Madness: The Tournament of Library Terminology, it will be:

MARC vs. metadata

MARC took out festschrift 99-75 while metadata conquered information literacy 100-74. Thanks to all who took part in the voting in any of the rounds. This wouldn’t be the event that it is without your participation. It’s been fun to see how the terms would do and now it is time to call for the final vote.

AND NOW… the cataloging cataclysm is on!

Two terms enter, one term leave!

MARC. Metadata. Choose the winner!

Check back on Wednesday for the winner!

MARC Madness: The Penultimate Matchup

Announcing the Division winners!

Acronym DivisionMARC 104, MLIS 59

Lexicon Divisionfestschrift 97, authentication 66

Lingo Divisionmetadata 97, authority control 66

Buzzword Divisioninformation literacy 93, user experience 70

Congratulations to the terms that won out! There was some fierce competition between different terms at different tiers, but these four made it through. Thanks to everyone who has voted over the past two weeks.

Now, time to figure out who will square off for the championship!

Will MARC be able to defeat festschrift?

Will metadata go all meta on information literacy?

Let’s find out!

Pick the championship match here!

Voting ends Friday!

MARC Madness: Who Will Make the Final Four?

Round 3 (152 votes total)

Acronym Division

MARC 93, LoC 59
MLIS 83, ILL 69

Lexicon Division

festschrift 77, digitize 75
authentication 114, nesting 38

Lingo Division

authority control 114, link resolver 38
metadata 91, cutter 61

Buzzword Division

user experience 92, transliteracy 60
information literacy 98, digital native 54

Sixty four terms entered the Tournament of Library Terminology.

We are now headed to the Final Four! This next round of voter will choose the division winners! Which terms will reign supreme?


festschrift vs. authentication

authority control vs. metadata

user experience vs. information literacy

Here is the updated bracket!


Voting ends Tuesday!

(As the number of voters have been dropping, I’m wondering if there is a way to spice this up a bit. Maybe I need to give away some more t-shirts or something!)

MARC Madness: Round 2 over! Bring on the Sweet Sixteen!

Round 2 (194 votes total)

Acronym Division

MARC 98 – OPAC 96
LoC 108 – AACR2 86
MLIS 98 – Z39.50
ILL 140 – LSW 54

Lexicon Division

festschrift 101 – tattletape 93
digitize 116 – scholarly communication 78
authentication 179 – isi 15
nesting 101 – fuzzy set 93

Lingo DivisionMARC

authority control 151 – microformats 43
link resolver 112 – collocation 82
cutter number 112 – copy cataloging 82
metadata 152 – scope note 42

Buzzword Division

transliteracy 99 – bibliometrics 95
user experience 103 – Googlization 91
information literacy 120 – Library 2.0
digital native 99 – patron driven acquisitions 95

Dominant terms: metadata, authentication

Check out the number of close matches all over the place!

I think there are some favorites emerging. I’m envisioning a Final Four, but not sure about all of them quite yet!

The brackets are updated! The new round begins… NOW!


What will be the Elite 8 of library terms? Voting ends Saturday!

MARC Madness: Round 1 Results! Round 2 Starts!

Round 1 (314 votes total)

Acronym Division

OPAC 171 – ALA 143
MARC 178 – FRBR 136
LoC 277 – TF/IDF 37
AACR2 252 – ETDs 62
MLIS 202 – RDA 112
Z39.50 213 – SuDoc 101
ILL 171 – LCSH 143
LSW 208 – MRF 106

Lexicon Division

festschrift 162 – verso 152*
tattletape 204 – impact factor 110
digitize 202 – desiderata 112
scholarly communication 193 – current awareness 121
authentication 290 – incent 24
isi 168 – Hinman Collator 146
nesting 158 – jobber 156
fuzzy set 171 – buckram 143

* I managed to misspell both, so they were equally handicapped.

Lingo Division

authority control 270 – H-index 44
microformats 188 – limited retention 126
link resolver 166 – data curation 148
collocation 165 – shelf ready 149
copy cataloging 192 – govdocs 122
cutter number 221 – known article 93
scope note 220 – offprint 94
metadata 267 – tracings 47

Buzzword Division

transliteracy 189 – relevancy rankings 125
bibliometrics 206 – discovery layer 108
Googlization 179 – faceted navigation 135
user experience 245 – open inquiry 69
Library 2.0 187 – bibliographic instruction 127
information literacy 193 – Libraryland 121
patron driven acquisitions 195 – paradigm shift 119
digital native 181 – cybrarian 133

Biggest blowout: authentication vs. incent (290-24)

Closest game: nesting vs. jobber (158-156)

Here is the updated brackets with the updated matchups:

Yes, embiggen is a word.

Click on the graphic to embiggen.

Onwards to Round 2! Voting ends Wednesday night!


Matchups to watch:

LoC vs. AACR2 (both got over 250 votes each in the first round!)

copy cataloging vs. cutter number (vicious cataloging knife fight!)

MARC Madness: Round 1

click to embiggen

Click HERE for Round 1 voting!

The voting for Round 1 of MARC Madness: The Tournament of Library Terminology has begun! It will run from now through Sunday night. Winners and the next round of voting will start Monday night. Vote early, vote often, and get your friends to vote as well for your favorite library terms!

Game on!