Sarah Houghton and I did a thing. Again. And once more, you are invited to join us.

451 is a project to promote essential librarian values: library access, freedom of expression, and making the library a place for all.

Why these particular values? Why now?

In the post presidential election environment, Sarah and I were like a good number of people around the country that weren’t sure what to think or do. We don’t want to wallow (ok, we did have a bit of a pity party) but we wanted to make something that would bring us back to the good. Something that would bring us back to the positive elements of librarianship, the things that bring us joy and satisfaction at a fundamental level.

So we created 451.

Please consider clicking on the link, reading through what we have to say, and joining us as we re-commit ourselves to core librarian values. And I hope you’ll join us as we light a candle in the dark rather than curse the darkness.

Good luck, everyone.