Banned Book Week 2010

I got inspired by the new “iPad is” ad so I made a riff on it for Banned Books Week. I hope people enjoy it. (Details about the video are on the YouTube site.) What is hilarious to me about it is that I had the option of encoding in High Definition 720p so I went for it. It’s so deliciously low tech that it couldn’t possibly hurt to make it crystal clear, right?

At any rate, I was re-reading what I wrote last year at this time, an entry entitled “Banned Book Bullshit”. Oddly enough, even with the difference of a year’s experience, I stand by what I wrote. I don’t know how others still might feel about it, but that’s where I am: still standing where I was before.

6 thoughts on “Banned Book Week 2010

    • Well…. ok, time to show off my phat technical ‘skillz’.

      So, I made the ‘animation’ as a bunch of slides in Open Office Impress with a timer to forward to the next slide after 1 second. I set the slide show and set it in motion, capturing it in Jing. ‘Post production’ was in windows movie maker when I added the audio (a song track from an actual CD ripped using Audiograbber). Saved it in 720p and uploaded it into YouTube.

      So, I totally took the Macgyver/Rube Goldberg route for something that could have taken 1/4 of the time with 0 of the headache. But, well, it worked out well, if I do say so myself.


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