#hcod and Change.org


Recently, I was asked if I would be interested in writing a petition with Change.org regarding the HarperCollins limited eBook license. After a couple of different drafts, some research as to who to contact, and some advice from Sarah Houghton-Jan, Brett Bonfield, and Carol Scott, this is the finished product.

Read, sign, share, and join with others.

(The above graphic is my original idea for the photo for the petition, but I opted to embed the 26+ checkouts video instead.)

2 thoughts on “#hcod and Change.org

  1. Read it, signed it, shared it.

    I still cannot believe a book publisher would be dumb enough to pull this. Greedy, yes, but the stupidity of the move is troubling. Didn’t someone speak up and explain the blowback this could cause? Not to mention the plain wrongness of it.

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